I generally assume that Guardians of the Galaxy is to blame for Marvel being willing to set so many movies in spaaaaaaaace. I honestly did not think, 6 years ago watching Iron Man, that this series of films would maybe become a space-based science fiction franchise.

» 10/28/14 9:17pm Tuesday 9:17pm

When it comes time to face gamergaters in game, don't ignore them. Say something. And while this was about me and I'm a woman playing an mmorpg and I encourage everyone to take the small steps they can, I'm mostly directing this towards the guys. Especially if it happens within a group that is aware you're a guy.…

» 10/26/14 7:22pm Sunday 7:22pm

I saw one of these in Syndey when I was in Australia nine years ago. It was fricking enormous, even though I only got a look at it from thirty feet above. I already knew it was pretty big, but it was another thing entirely to actually see it in real life. » 10/19/14 11:31pm 10/19/14 11:31pm

This is atrocious. And it's horrible they had to cancel her event because of this. I don't even care if you agree with Anita or not (I haven't seen enough of her videos to have an opinion): no one deserves this kind of harassment, especially not for just expressing their opinion. That people even consider that she… » 10/15/14 1:19am 10/15/14 1:19am